Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well on Our Way

Yesterday I took Chesney out and ran him in local trial, due to lack of other types of Trials in this area and lack of my ability to travel long distances while at school. He got second with a score of 76. I was pleased to say the least. He was a little rough on the edges but that was expected. It was really good to see what stuff stuck with him and improved with time off and maturity. We also got to see what didn't stick so well and what we will continue to work on. I learned today that Chesney needs to still learn his flanks. He is purely reading my body language and goes the direction based on that. Fine with me. Just means we need to work on it. We also learned that when you lay a dog up for four months they are really excited to FINALLY be back working their sheep. That being said, when I sent Chesney on his outrun, well it was much more of just a run, there was no out in it, he went straight up the middle and ducked out to the go-bye and got behind his sheep. The plus in this... He didn't go busting through them and he went out (finally) to the direction I originally told him. Both improvements!

On the gather the sheep were moving at a nice CLIP, and Chesney finally took the second lie down I gave him that was preempted by... Hey you! What are you doing (while stepping into him). I guess he figured he might want to listen to me today. After that it was just sit back and ride the breaks the whole way. He was sharp taking his lie downs. He hit the dirt the fastest I have ever seen him take a lie down before, I was very happy. He was responding to the steady and taking his time when asked. We got them through the first gate (Yay!), and he moved them through the gate himself I didn't have to actually walk through the gate (not supposed to usually) then we moved on to the next. Through the second gate we only got one through because of my stupidity and bad positioning (once again I am ruining my dog and he is picking up my slack*sigh*). Then we were off to the pen. I noticed that everyone else who was having trouble with their pen were not beating their sheep to the gate. So I used Chesney to hold them off the pen while I opened it and then sent him around to put them up. We only played ring around the rosie once. Then he penned them nicely. Got them out quietly and we went to hold them. It only took me once to reposition myself and get everyone settled to stand for a minute. Then off to the Exhaust and That'll Do!

Everyone was exceptionally nice. A very welcoming crowd of poeple. I got a few numbers of people who are willing to let Chesney and I come out to their place and work with them. I'm excited for next semester to finally work my dog on a regular basis.

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