Saturday, May 31, 2008


Memorial Day weekend was great! On Memorial Day we competed in our first Pro/Nov trial and actually put some points on the board! Chesney needed a few redirects on the outrun and I wasn't really all that upset since it was the farthest yet he's done an outrun. He got the sheep and brought them to me and around the post, we missed the fetch panels though. We had a little trouble getting them started on the drive because of the draw to the exhaust but they ended up getting pushed through the drive gates and off for the cross drive which was pretty darn good. Chesney got them through the other gate, but I sent him around too soon to bring them to the pen and the sheep came back through the panels. Dang! At the pen we had a bit of a miss hap. There was a loose dog on the course, Chesney did good at staying calm. As we were pushing him in the pen one of the ewes challenged and charged Chesney but he stood his ground and didn't over grip! YAY! Time over. We ran out of time at the pen, but at least we got a score. Phew our first Pro/Nov course is over and done. Now I can't wait to do another one!

Video of our run, thanks to Jan!