Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rainy Days Are Fun Days

(I know what you're thinking... These picture's aren't taken in the rain... Yes. I know they aren't. I was too concerned about destroying my camera in the down pour conditions we worked in today... So.... Sorry no pictures from today)

Out to work again today. We we're hoping for a little bit of rain in the forecast, but we ended up getting a few drops more than planned. What's the problem with this? Nothing! Chesney had a blast working in the rain, I enjoy working in the rain (every now and then), however, the sheep do not. They were being good for Chesney and I, but not so nice to some of the others. To start the morning off we gathered the group up from the front field and moved them to a smaller field where they we're held for most of the day. We would pick and choose handfuls from the group once the group in the big field was worked. After moving the group to the pen, we went to the training field to watch Calli work. Poor little girl had a rough day... Just one of those days where she felt like being a puppy.

Then it was off to the big field to work Calli more on a different group of sheep. We're trying to lengthen Calli's outruns to challenge her now with her training. Chesney went and got tired to the fence.... Oh so sad. He needed to save his energy because he would be worked hard when his turn came. Calli was having some trouble with the outruns, she crossed over the first time and is a little hesitant to go all the way around. I think she is still getting used to lifting off a person.
On to the big dogs turn. Chesney and Maid would swap outruns today for their working session. Chesney needed a challenge so we opted to stay near the barn while Maid was taken up to the top of the hill. Maid had a clear view during her entire outrun of her sheep. Chesney once he got to the ditch at the base of the hill he lost sight of his sheep. The first time on his "Go Bye" outrun he got to the top of the hill super tight on his sheep. The second time I stood between him and the sheep to give him an idea of how wide he needed to be. The third time, he came to the ridge of the hill and kicked himself out wider. He is still pretty tight at the top and I really am at a loss for how to fix this at this point. The next few out runs we did to the "away", which is his better side at this time. He did the same thing this direction as before but when he got half way up the hill I stopped him and redirected which kicked him out nice and wide around his sheep at the top. The second time I send him away he redirected himself and we ended on that good note. Chesney is doing a nice job of holding sheep and setting out for other dogs on their outruns. I think he likes the job.

I gave him a break while baby dogs worked, then we gathered everyone up to clip some feet and treat for foot rote. Nasty stuff. After he rested for about an hour we went back out and did some driving. He is driving REALLY well. Flanks are more square than they were when we started working again this semester. His pace is getting better and I am really trying to insist on a steady whistle that he is starting to understand. After a drive around the field, we attempted shedding a group of six, so I guess you could say we split them, three and three. There were two times where I missed the chance to shed a single and then a time to shed two. I finally called Chesney in on the split and he came in slower than he usually does. I hope it was because he was just so tired and not that he is less enthusiastic about shedding. We'll try a large group tomorrow and see if that helps perk him up. He took a look back and at first didn't see where I was sending him so I had to walk a little ways to show him. He brought the three back with the others and we called it a day. It was a really good day. That's why rainy days are so fun, you never have expectations set to high and are always surprised!


Ed. said...

Cool blog. Really beautiful photos throughout.

Danielle said...

Thank you!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Love the photo of Chesney with his tongue out! :-/