Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged - 40 Things about me

Well, lets see here. I have to post a recent picture of my dogs and I and this is the most recent I have from December 27th. I don't like it very much. I look plump because of the snow cloths. Oh well!

1. I am the older of 2 (younger sister)

2. My sister and I are 3 days shy of being exactly 4 years apart. 

3. I love photography and would love to have it be a side job one day.

4. I work at Starbucks.

5. I am a soccer player. I played all through college at a Division 1 school. 

6. I was the leading points per game holder in the state of Louisiana in the 2006-2007 soccer season.

7. I played softball through my junior year in high school and my senior year I got a free letter just for showing up to a few practices. The coach just needed a back up catcher and since soccer was my main focus he bribed me haha

8. I got put at catcher while playing my first season of little league softball because I wasn't paying attention at third base and missed the balls that came to me, so I was stuck at catcher to pay attention at every play.

9. I play center midfield in soccer even though all my coaches think I would make a good forward, they end up taking away most of my skills I bring to the field, like vision and distribution, along with taking longer shots.

10. Margaritas are the only alcoholic drinks I can stand, and it's usually only about 2 of them. 

11. I had braces on my teeth for 3 years and am a freak about my teeth and how they look. I brush my teeth multiple times throughout the day.

12. Chesney is my first Border Collie and one of a kind for me. He's my heart dog.

13. Frank Lampard of the Chelsea FC team is my hero. John Terry is a close second.

14. I had a horse for a little while. He was my best friend until Chesney found me. He works at a therapeutic riding center for disabled children. 

15. I am studying to be a Firefighter. I start classes on the 9th.

16. I've been to Mardi Gras 3 times in a row, the last three years. Everyone should try it once. 

17. I love horseback riding. I can ride english, western, and my favorite, bare back. 

18. I've met Kenny Chesney and have gotten his autograph twice. 

19. I love country music and Irish punk.

20. I used to think I was going to be a movie critic when  I was younger. 

21. I have four cousins, they're all boys ranging from 19-9, all their names start with A.

22. I'm planning a trip to the UK to watch a Chelsea FC home game. Then going to Scotland and Ireland.

23. I have only once traveled out of the US. It was to the Bahamas. 

24. Of all the US states (Hawaii excluded, we went almost every summer until I was in college) I have been to, it was because of soccer trips and tournaments, never for vacation until recently. We went to Florida. 

25. I've sprained my ankles more times than I can count and will probably need surgery on them at some point when I get older. 

26. My sister and I look nothing alike. I have blonde hair and blue eyes with fair skin, she is olive skinned, brown hair and brown eyes.

27. I only started working my dog on stock in the last yeah and a half. 

28. Chesney is the first dog I've owned that I worked and trained myself. He introduced me to working stock.

29. I've lived in a 2 mile radius my whole life, but lived in 3 different houses. People call it Pleasantville when they visit. We just call it the bubble.

30. I enjoy snowboarding.

31. For soccer I was on the all conference first teams in both high school and college multiple years.

31. I just graduated college with a BA in General Studies. 

32. Tucker was brought home as a surprise to my parents on a Christmas vacation from school. They didn't want a dog at the time, but ended up falling in love with him. I never hear the end of how I brought him home, they continually remind me they didn't want a dog.

33. I've only broken one bone in my life. It was my left arm when I was younger. I broke it right before summer started. I was roller blading backwards on a dark sidewalk and hit a crack, fell back and caught myself on the one arm. I had a full armed cast all summer. I made the doctor give me a water proof one.

34. After owning a Mac I will never get a PC again. 

35. When I was getting ready to start kindergarden my grandma asked me if I was excited to go to school, I told her I would never go to school. To this day, I still don't like it. 

36. I hate making my bed. 

37. I am horrible at math, but I love writing. 

38. I had stitches in my knee from indoor soccer. It bled like crazy!

39. I'm very shy until I get to know someone.

40. I don't believe yearly vaccinations are necessary for my dogs!

Ok... So that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I mean lets face it. I don't have the most interesting life (at least I don't think so).


I've tagged Live Like a Rock Star, The Ruff Mutt Gang, and Walkies.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mellow Afternoon

What a great day. It was relaxing and we got some good work done. The highlight of my day was Chesney having a solid couple of nose bites on a few cranky mammas and one stubborn weather. I don't have too much to say other than Chesney is out of his funk and we're looking forward to Zamora. Here are our pictures we've been owing everyone for a little while.
We've been working on a stand stop! It's getting pretty good.

Driving and "Stand"

Move it Gentlemen

Turn this way! Thank you

Just say when to walk up!

Chesney loves a challenge.

I will bite your nose if you don't move

That's it. Keep movin'

Thanks! We should be back out working in a few days. Chesney tore a pad since it's been so dry here so he needs a few days to let his foot heal.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back In the Mode

I did better this week!

Friday's runs went way better than last weekend. We put two scores on the board for our two runs. Now it's not like we were in the top 5... or even the top ten (on the first run at least), but we finished a score.

The first run I gave Chesney a little pep talk. I explained to him that he needed to cover his sheep on this run. I also told him that I was just going to ask him to steady up when he got to the top instead of stopping him, not like he has trouble lifting ever, but just so he felt in more control of the situation. We went to the post and he wanted to go to the left so I sent him. Out he went and behind his sheep, then steadied. I was pleased to see him covering them better this time. He has trouble fetching them straight to me still and he was moving pretty fast, but we got around the post well and on to the drive. Watching the drive you would think one of two things... Chesney and I are drunken sailors trying to drive, or there is a tremendous draw pulling the lambs in direction that we were not headed.

Either way we got to the drive panels then on to the cross drive. Chesney had this idea that he wanted to only take the away flanks and when I asked him go bye still thought it meant away. Silly! So needless to say we lost mostly all of our points fetching and driving. We made it to the pen, but we couldn't get a hold of the lambs to settle them and pen them. "Time!" Dang. Oh well it was a huge improvement from last weekend.

Our second time to the post was even better. Chesney once again got a pep talk (since I think it worked for the other run) I told him that I would stop him at the top this time, and like he did the last time, keep his sheep covered. I added to my requests this time and asked him to slow down just a little on his fetch and listen to his flanks on the drive. To the post we went. I wanted to send Chesney to the right this time, "away" I asked, and off he went. It was a pretty outrun. He stopped nicely when I asked at the top. Then fetched them up, all the while taking his steady whistle keeping a nice pace. Good boy.

Around the post was smoother, even though he still had trouble with the draw and bringing the sheep straight to me. On to the drive. This was tricky again and I think we missed our panels. His cross drive was decent we made some in the panels. Then I got to the pen, waiting for Chesney to bring me sheep. Now, I do not carry a crook when I work Chesney, so we've learned to deal with the pen differently from others. Chesney understands the object to the pen so there isn't much directing him unless I can't get the sheep covered enough on my side, he will flank over and push them back. We penned them with time to spare. Whoo hoo our first completed pro/nov run!

So our next trial isn't until February and it's at Zamora! Chesney and I will continue to work on fetching straight and pacing on the fetch. Otherwise we just need more exposure to different places to work and different stock to work on. I'm happy with where my little man is at with his training. He is functional and can get a ranch job done no problem. It's the finesse that's required on a trial course that he needs help with. I hope to get Tucker out and worked a little big now too. He will be worked more after Zamora though.
I get to work soon, right?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We've been tagged!

Alright so it took me a while to see it but we got tagged 6th!

Here was my 6th picture I have in my picture file.

This is my best friend Melissa! She is the crazy dog lady at the beach holding everyone so I could get a size comparison picture of Calli for Donna when she was growing up!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alright already

Wondering what happened on his runs this weekend.

Ok, ok, ok.... It's time to post again, after nearly a month of no updates. Actually to tell the truth, there hasn't been much to update on other than being lazy through the holiday's and getting moved back to California.

However... The true reason for writing... Yep, you guessed it. We had a trial last weekend. Chesney and I ran in Pro/Nov for the second time for real running scores and third time all together (one was a fun trial). To sum it up, we had a tough weekend. To set the stage... We were working range lambs, which were some kind of Suffolk/Rambouillet and something else in them, and were probably 6-8 months old. These little buggers were worked for 3 days prior with Open and Nursery dogs, and rightly so, were tired by the fourth day when the Pro/Nov and Novice dogs got to work them.

Our first run was ugly, Chesney couldn't get a hold of them and they were oh so very heavy to the exhaust. It was a good lesson for him though that yes, indeed he needs to cover his sheep no matter what sheep we are working and where we are. His outrun was a little tight but the sheep didn't move and he was one of the few dogs that lifted them off the hay. I'm happy with that. There is no doubt about it that my little dog has the right presence and push on his stock. We retired when the sheep beat him and went to the exhaust while he was trying to get them back on track.

The second run was much better. He lifted properly. I didn't stop him this time, just gave him a steady and he brought them best he could. This was at the end of the day and these little lambs DID NOT want to play anymore so it was a challenge for Chesney to try keeping them on line. We got them to the drive and he went to cover but the lambs kept flip flopping him back and forth with him trying to cover and he almost lost them to the exhaust again. He covered finally and even though our run was done, I had him push them away from the exhaust to somewhere else then let him exhaust them, just so he understands he can control his stock and has the push to move stock off a heavy draw.

Resting up for next weekend. Dreaming of success!

Next weekend we run at the same place, on the same lambs, only we get to go first after they have rested all week. It should be better. I have faith!

Sorry no working pictures or video. Next week there should be plenty!