Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alright already

Wondering what happened on his runs this weekend.

Ok, ok, ok.... It's time to post again, after nearly a month of no updates. Actually to tell the truth, there hasn't been much to update on other than being lazy through the holiday's and getting moved back to California.

However... The true reason for writing... Yep, you guessed it. We had a trial last weekend. Chesney and I ran in Pro/Nov for the second time for real running scores and third time all together (one was a fun trial). To sum it up, we had a tough weekend. To set the stage... We were working range lambs, which were some kind of Suffolk/Rambouillet and something else in them, and were probably 6-8 months old. These little buggers were worked for 3 days prior with Open and Nursery dogs, and rightly so, were tired by the fourth day when the Pro/Nov and Novice dogs got to work them.

Our first run was ugly, Chesney couldn't get a hold of them and they were oh so very heavy to the exhaust. It was a good lesson for him though that yes, indeed he needs to cover his sheep no matter what sheep we are working and where we are. His outrun was a little tight but the sheep didn't move and he was one of the few dogs that lifted them off the hay. I'm happy with that. There is no doubt about it that my little dog has the right presence and push on his stock. We retired when the sheep beat him and went to the exhaust while he was trying to get them back on track.

The second run was much better. He lifted properly. I didn't stop him this time, just gave him a steady and he brought them best he could. This was at the end of the day and these little lambs DID NOT want to play anymore so it was a challenge for Chesney to try keeping them on line. We got them to the drive and he went to cover but the lambs kept flip flopping him back and forth with him trying to cover and he almost lost them to the exhaust again. He covered finally and even though our run was done, I had him push them away from the exhaust to somewhere else then let him exhaust them, just so he understands he can control his stock and has the push to move stock off a heavy draw.

Resting up for next weekend. Dreaming of success!

Next weekend we run at the same place, on the same lambs, only we get to go first after they have rested all week. It should be better. I have faith!

Sorry no working pictures or video. Next week there should be plenty!


Anonymous said...

Are those the same sheep from the posts about lifting sheep on the boards? If so, man! they were tough. Sounds like you did very well, considering the attitudes!

Paula said...

I'm sorry it didn't go better. Good luck this weekend!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Sorry it didn't go as planned, good luck for this weekend, i look forward to the pic's/Videos.

Belated Happy New Year Danielle.