Monday, January 26, 2009

Tagged - 40 Things about me

Well, lets see here. I have to post a recent picture of my dogs and I and this is the most recent I have from December 27th. I don't like it very much. I look plump because of the snow cloths. Oh well!

1. I am the older of 2 (younger sister)

2. My sister and I are 3 days shy of being exactly 4 years apart. 

3. I love photography and would love to have it be a side job one day.

4. I work at Starbucks.

5. I am a soccer player. I played all through college at a Division 1 school. 

6. I was the leading points per game holder in the state of Louisiana in the 2006-2007 soccer season.

7. I played softball through my junior year in high school and my senior year I got a free letter just for showing up to a few practices. The coach just needed a back up catcher and since soccer was my main focus he bribed me haha

8. I got put at catcher while playing my first season of little league softball because I wasn't paying attention at third base and missed the balls that came to me, so I was stuck at catcher to pay attention at every play.

9. I play center midfield in soccer even though all my coaches think I would make a good forward, they end up taking away most of my skills I bring to the field, like vision and distribution, along with taking longer shots.

10. Margaritas are the only alcoholic drinks I can stand, and it's usually only about 2 of them. 

11. I had braces on my teeth for 3 years and am a freak about my teeth and how they look. I brush my teeth multiple times throughout the day.

12. Chesney is my first Border Collie and one of a kind for me. He's my heart dog.

13. Frank Lampard of the Chelsea FC team is my hero. John Terry is a close second.

14. I had a horse for a little while. He was my best friend until Chesney found me. He works at a therapeutic riding center for disabled children. 

15. I am studying to be a Firefighter. I start classes on the 9th.

16. I've been to Mardi Gras 3 times in a row, the last three years. Everyone should try it once. 

17. I love horseback riding. I can ride english, western, and my favorite, bare back. 

18. I've met Kenny Chesney and have gotten his autograph twice. 

19. I love country music and Irish punk.

20. I used to think I was going to be a movie critic when  I was younger. 

21. I have four cousins, they're all boys ranging from 19-9, all their names start with A.

22. I'm planning a trip to the UK to watch a Chelsea FC home game. Then going to Scotland and Ireland.

23. I have only once traveled out of the US. It was to the Bahamas. 

24. Of all the US states (Hawaii excluded, we went almost every summer until I was in college) I have been to, it was because of soccer trips and tournaments, never for vacation until recently. We went to Florida. 

25. I've sprained my ankles more times than I can count and will probably need surgery on them at some point when I get older. 

26. My sister and I look nothing alike. I have blonde hair and blue eyes with fair skin, she is olive skinned, brown hair and brown eyes.

27. I only started working my dog on stock in the last yeah and a half. 

28. Chesney is the first dog I've owned that I worked and trained myself. He introduced me to working stock.

29. I've lived in a 2 mile radius my whole life, but lived in 3 different houses. People call it Pleasantville when they visit. We just call it the bubble.

30. I enjoy snowboarding.

31. For soccer I was on the all conference first teams in both high school and college multiple years.

31. I just graduated college with a BA in General Studies. 

32. Tucker was brought home as a surprise to my parents on a Christmas vacation from school. They didn't want a dog at the time, but ended up falling in love with him. I never hear the end of how I brought him home, they continually remind me they didn't want a dog.

33. I've only broken one bone in my life. It was my left arm when I was younger. I broke it right before summer started. I was roller blading backwards on a dark sidewalk and hit a crack, fell back and caught myself on the one arm. I had a full armed cast all summer. I made the doctor give me a water proof one.

34. After owning a Mac I will never get a PC again. 

35. When I was getting ready to start kindergarden my grandma asked me if I was excited to go to school, I told her I would never go to school. To this day, I still don't like it. 

36. I hate making my bed. 

37. I am horrible at math, but I love writing. 

38. I had stitches in my knee from indoor soccer. It bled like crazy!

39. I'm very shy until I get to know someone.

40. I don't believe yearly vaccinations are necessary for my dogs!

Ok... So that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I mean lets face it. I don't have the most interesting life (at least I don't think so).


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Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Thanks for playing Danielle.

Great list. I think this is a really great and fun way to get to know people better.
You know this already but i just love that photo of you three.

Thanks for sharing your 40 things. :-)

Andrea said...

What a great photo of you and the dogs!! I know what you mean about Chesney being your heart dog...that's just like my Sophie. :)

Life With Dogs said...

I'm in total agreement on 36.