Monday, March 2, 2009

Catching Up

Chesney and I have been keeping ourselves busy over the last couple of weeks. Sadly none of it included stock work. We both have been going through withdrawals. We have, however, been doing lots of Search and Rescue training. Chesney is totally focused and loves it. 

Through all the hustle and bustle Chesney has kept a good face about it and laughs it off!

Lets see... what else has gone on since last time posting. Oh, Chesney had a birthday. His 4th one to be exact. I really do not know where the time goes. It seems like just last week I brought this little furry thing home. The truck ride home was miserable, you would have thought someone was torturing him in the backseat. Despite his disliking his initial ride in my truck with me sitting in the backseat with him, he loves going for rides now! This little guy of mine just wants to be everywhere I am, even if that means the bathroom. 

So as you can see with as busy as I have been and as lacking of posts this poor blog has had, there really isn't too much to be said. I do have a couple of new pictures though! Which reminds me I need to get some of Mr. Tucker soon!

Oh and just because he's so stinkin' handsome, this is Sam, he does Search and Rescue with us!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I love dogs too, and I can tell yours are so sweet. You did a great job capturing their personalities.

kestrel said...

Chesney is a lovely dog and seems to be exactly like my Daemon K9. I named him Daemon cos he is my shadow and follows me everywhere, like Chesney, in the bathroom too!!In the movie "Golden Compass," a person's spirit lives outside his body and appears as an animal (demon)beside him all the time